Unless otherwise specified, a character can see up to 10 visual range increments, each equal to his Wisdom score × 10 ft., and he can hear up to 10 hearing range increments, each equal to his Wisdom score × 5 ft. Feats, gear, and circumstances may modify these range increments, as noted in each option’s description and as shown on Table 5.14: Vision and Hearing. Gear that provides additional light extends out in either a radius or cone, as shown on the Blast Diagrams.

All sensory range increments operate per the rules for other range increments. Further, certain conditions inflict a penalty with skill checks possessing either the “Vision” or “Hearing” tag, and as shown in each skill description. Also, some provide a Defense bonus to the character’s targets.

Sense of Smell: Unless otherwise specified, a character has a base scent range equal to his Wisdom score × 1 ft. Occasionally, character options may increase this range, allowing the character to use his sense of smell as he would his eyes and ears.

5.14 Vision and Hearing

Special Note: Spycraft 1.0 concealment modifiers have been folded into vision and hearing. There are no separate concealment modifiers in Spycraft 2.0.

Spycraft 2.0
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