Characters sometimes find themselves in appalling peril. They fall from planes at 20,000 ft. They’re at the center of an explosion that wipes out a fortified building. They find assassins standing beside their beds in the morning, holding pistols at their temples. Spycraft 2.0 calls these “Terminal Situations.”

Outside combat only, the GC may declare that any situation from which a character cannot logically escape is a Terminal Situation. Commonly, the victim must be helplessA helpless character is vulnerable. Further, attacks targeting him within Melee Range gain a +4 bonus. Finally, he may be targeted with a Coup de Grace action. or vulnerableA vulnerable character loses his Dexterity bonus to Defense (if positive), as well as all dodge bonuses to Defense. He may also be targeted with a variety of special effects, such as sneak attack damage. in order for a Terminal Situation to apply. Until the situation abates, any of the victim’s opponents with line of sight to him may spend 1 action die to cause him to either fall unconsciousAn unconscious character is helpless and may take no actions. A character loses this condition after 2d4 full hours of sleep. or die (his wound points immediately dropping to –9), as appropriate to the circumstances at hand.

Terminal Situations may apply to player characters, their enemies, or any other character, per the GC’s discretion.

Spycraft 2.0
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