Unless otherwise specified, the following rules apply at all times.

Attacks of OpportunityEdit

Main article: Attacks of Opportunity

Unlike typical d20 games, there are no attacks of opportunity in Spycraft 2.0.


Main article: Blast


Main article: Cover

Damage ConversionEdit

Main article: Damage Conversion


Main article: Deviation

Discretionary ModifiersEdit

Main article: Discretionary Modifiers

Full-Round EffectsEdit

Main article: Full-Round Effects

Gas Spread and DispersionEdit

Main article: Gas Spread and Dispersion

Improvised WeaponsEdit

Main article: Improvised Weapons

One- and Two-Handed WeaponsEdit

Main article: One- and Two-Handed Weapons

Range IncrementsEdit

Main article: Range Increments


Main article: Size

Sleep DeprivationEdit

Main article: Sleep Deprivation

Smoke InhalationEdit

Main article: Smoke Inhalation

Starvation and ThirstEdit

Main article: Starvation and Thirst


Main article: Suffocation

Terminal SituationsEdit

Main article: Terminal Situations

Underwater CombatEdit

Main article: Underwater Combat

Vision and HearingEdit

Main article: Vision and Hearing

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