Unless otherwise specified, a character’s Size is Medium. Most humans are Medium, though some, such as children, are Small.

The size of scenery, vehicles, animals, and items varies widely. Everything in the Spycraft 2.0 universe — including weapons — uses the same Size scale, as shown on Table 5.13: Size.

5.13 Size

Defense: This modifier is applied to the character or object’s Defense value.

Attack: This modifier is applied to each of the character or object’s attack check results.

Stealth/Hide: This modifier is applied to each of the character or object’s Blend/Stealth and Sneak/Hide check results.

Wounds: A special character’s total wounds are modified as listed in this column. A standard character’s Damage save is unaffected by his Size.

Encumbrance: A character or animal’s encumbrance loads are modified as listed in this column. If the character or animal has 4 or more legs, each encumbrance load increases by an additional 50% (rounded up).

Squares: This column lists the largest number of squares a character or object takes up, with the most basic footprint. The actual footprint of any character or object of Large Size or bigger probably varies from this standard. In the case of vehicles and important scenery, the object’s footprint is included in its Size classification, width first (e.g. “Large (2×4)” indicating an object 2 squares wide and 4 squares long). A character or object’s footprint determines the maximum number of attackers who may simultaneously target it (maximum of 1 attacker per square adjacent to the footprint).

Reach: This column lists the default Reach of a character of each Size. A character’s Reach determines his Melee Range.

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