The Saboteur is a talented covert explosives artist. His enemies rarely know what hit them.



Sneak 4+ ranks


Attention to Detail, Explosive Basics


Vitality per Level

1d10 + Con modifier

Skill Pts per Level

6 + Int modifier

Class Skills

Analysis, Athletics, Drive, Electronics, Falsify, Mechanics, Notice, Profession, Science, Security, Sleight of Hand, Sneak

Somewhere between urban myth and political nightmare, the Saboteur is a deadly infiltrator of devastating effectiveness. He brings the latest demolitions to any team, specializing in everything from the simplest homemade devices to exotic binary compounds.

Attributes: In order to perform his careful preparations and complex capers, the Saboteur requires a delicate balance of Intelligence and Dexterity.

Core Ability


The error ranges of all Notice, Search, and Security checks targeting explosive devices you’ve set increase by 1/2 your class level (rounded up).

The Saboteur
Level BAB F R W Def Init Wlth Gear Abilities
1 +0 +2 +1 +0 +0 +1 1 1S, 1W Anti-tampering, gremlin
2 +1 +3 +2 +0 +1 +1 2 2S, 1W Ghost for hire
3 +2 +3 +2 +1 +1 +2 2 2S, 1W Chain reaction I
4 +3 +4 +2 +1 +2 +2 2 2S, 1W, 1G Cookbook, Ghost Mastery
5 +3 +4 +3 +1 +2 +3 3 2S, 2W, 1G “If you see me running…”
6 +4 +5 +3 +2 +2 +4 3 3S, 2W, 1G Blowout 1/session
7 +5 +5 +4 +2 +3 +4 4 3S, 2W, 1G Chain reaction II, SWAT (1 feat)
8 +6 +6 +4 +2 +3 +5 4 3S, 2W, 1G, 1T Ghost Supremacy, rock steady
9 +6 +6 +4 +3 +4 +5 4 3S, 2W, 2G, 1T “…Try to keep up!”
10 +7 +7 +5 +3 +4 +6 5 3S, 3W, 2G, 1T Catastrophic blast

Class Abilities


At Level 1, you make all Sabotage checks as active checks. Further, you gain the Trap Master feat.

Ghost for Hire

At Level 2, your Sneak skill grants a synergy bonus to your Profession/Accomplishment checks and your Profession skill grants a synergy bonus to your Sneak/Hide checks.

Chain Reaction I

Your explosives are carefully placed or supported with secondary charges — at no extra cost — and prevent any chance of escape. At Level 3, when a character’s evasion ability or other effect decreases the damage from an explosive you’ve set to less than 1/2 standard, the ability or effect is negated.

Chain Reaction II

At Level 7, when a character makes a successful Reflex save to decrease the damage from an explosive you’ve set, the damage decreases to 3/4 standard instead of 1/2 standard.


At Level 4, during the Intel Phase, you and each of your teammates may choose explosive charges, grenades, mines, and raw explosives with any type of gear pick.

Ghost Mastery

At Level 4, you gain the Ghost Mastery feat.

“If You See Me Running…”

At Level 5, when you fail any check to create or disarm an explosive, you may take 1 Standard Move away from the explosive before the consequences of failure are resolved.


At Level 6, once per session when setting an explosive, you may double either its damage or its blast increment. If this explosive remains in place at the end of the current mission, it is automatically disabled or deconstructed. You may apply this ability to only one set explosive at any time.


At Level 7, once per mission during the Intel Phase, you gain 1 temporary Covert feat until the end of the current mission.

Ghost Supremacy

At Level 8, you gain the Ghost Supremacy feat.

Rock Steady

At Level 8, each time you make a Science (Chemistry) check or an attack check to set an explosive, you may roll twice, keeping the result you prefer.

“…Try to Keep Up!”

At Level 9, you and each of your teammates within your line of sight gains a +5 bonus with saves made to decrease blast damage.

Catastrophic Blast

At Level 10, you may spend action dice to increase the damage of explosives you’ve set. Further, the result required for you to score a Triumph with a Science (Chemistry) check, or an attack check made to set an explosive, decreases by 10.

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