5.12 Improvised Weapons
Any time a character is not in a barren location (e.g. a cell, a clean room), he may spend 1 action die to make a Gear check to locate an item within 4 squares that may be used as an improvised weapon. The GC determines the item’s precise location and description, but its base weapon statistics are determined by the Gear check result, as shown on Table 5.12: Improvised Weapons.

When using an improvised weapon, you suffer a –2 gear penalty with attack checks, a –2 gear penalty with damage, and your error range increases by 1. Further, any error suffered with the weapon renders it destroyedThe body of a character with –25 wound points or lower is destroyed. Nothing remains of the character except (perhaps) DNA, and even in a campaign with the revolving door quality, he isn’t coming back. . Finally, a character’s Strength bonus is never added to an improvised weapon’s damage.

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