There are several ways a character regains lost vitality and wound points, including natural healing, assisted healing, special gear, and action dice.

Special Note: No form of healing may raise your vitality or wound points above their standard maximums.

Natural HealingEdit

A standard character loses all accumulated damage at the end of every scene (see Damage Saves).

A special character (including any PC) regains 1 vitality point per career level per hour of rest, and 1 wound point per day of rest, so long as he restricts himself to light activities during that time (i.e. no combat).

In both cases, this healing occurs even if the character possesses 1 or more critical injuries.

Example: While resting, a 2nd-level character recovers 2 vitality points per hour and 1 wound point per day.

Special Note: Higher-level characters do not recover vitality points faster because they actually heal faster — they recover them faster because each vitality point is proportionally less of their total vitality.

Assisted HealingEdit

With a successful Medicine/First Aid check, a standard character loses 1/2 of all accumulated damage (rounded up). This check may also be used to patch up a special character, healing 1d4+1 subdual damage, 1d4+1 wound points, and a number of vitality points equal to his career level. In either case, each character may be targeted by this check only once per scene, no matter how many characters are available to attempt it.

With a successful Medicine/Treatment check, one character may double the healing rate of a special character for the current day. A standard character may not be targeted with this check.

Spending Action Dice to HealEdit

Outside combat, a standard character may spend and roll any number of action dice to reduce his accumulated damage by the total result of the action dice spent.

Outside combat, a special character (including any PC) may spend and roll any number of action dice to regain vitality or wound points. For each action die spent, the character regains either a number of vitality points equal to the action die’s result or 2 wound points.

During combat, a character must take the Refresh action before he may spend 1 action die to regain vitality or wound points.

Healing Attribute DamageEdit

Contagions, critical injuries, special attacks, and other effects can temporarily or permanently decrease a character’s attribute points. Temporary “attribute damage” is healed in full at the end of each mission, and potentially with surgery. Permanent attribute damage, however, remains forever unless healed with surgery.

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