A fixated character may only stare at the source of his fixation. He is considered blindedA blinded character is vulnerable and cannot see anything. His result cap with each skill check possessing the Vision tag is reduced by 20 (minimum 0). Further, his targets gain a bonus to Defense, and his opponents gain a +2 bonus with attack checks made against him. Finally, a blinded character’s Speed is reduced to 1/2 standard (rounded down). and deafenedA deafened character cannot hear anything. His result cap with each skill check possessing the Hearing tag is reduced by 10 (minimum 0). Further, the result cap of each skill check targeting him that possesses the Language tag is reduced by 20 (minimum 0). to all else (though he is still subject to flash and bang damage, as standard). Further, he must attempt to make at least 1 Standard Move action toward the source of his fixation during each round, avoiding danger along the way.

A character remains fixated until the source of his fixation remains out of his visual or hearing range for 5 consecutive rounds, as appropriate. Alternately, the character loses this condition at the end of the current scene, when he suffers any damage, or if another character makes a successful 1-round Tactics (Cha) check (DC 30) to distract him. This check may be re-tried and possesses the Disposition, Hearing, and Language tags.

Spycraft 2.0
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