• Explosive damage does not typically possess the armor-piercingThis quality applies to weapon damage, reducing damage reduction. quality, except in the case of certain specific explosive gear. Some gear is resistant to explosive damage.
  • Explosive damage tapers off (see Blast).
  • Each character affected by explosive damage may make a Reflex save against a DC equal to the explosive damage suffered (per the Blast diagram). With success, the damage is reduced to 1/2 standard (rounded down, minimum 1), and the character moves into the nearest square located within the next outermost blast increment (per the GC’s discretion). If the character cannot take this move, and he doesn’t benefit from at least 1/2 cover between him and the explosion, he automatically fails this save.
  • Each character affected by explosive damage must also make a Fortitude save against a DC equal to the explosive damage suffered (per the Blast Diagram). With failure, he becomes stunnedA stunned character is vulnerable, may take no actions, and may not hold any objects in his hands. for a number of rounds equal to 1/4 the difference between his result and the DC (rounded up).
  • When a character affected by explosive damage took 1 or more half action moves during his most recent Initiative Count, he gains a +4 bonus with both of these saves. If he took 1 or more full action moves in this time period, he gains a +8 bonus with both of these saves. Per the GC’s discretion, these bonuses are negated if the character is moving toward the source of the explosion.
  • Each character who suffers more than 20 points of explosive damage (before DR is applied) — whether it reduces his vitality and wound points or not — also suffers the effects of the takedownThe kinetic energy delivered by this weapon has near-cinematic “knockdown power.” Each time a character suffers damage from an attack with this weapon, he must make a Fortitude save (DC equal to the damage he sustained before DR was applied). With failure, he becomes sprawled. If the character loses 1 or more wound points due to this attack, the save DC increases by 10. quality.
  • Each character affected by explosive damage suffers 1d4 stress damage (even if he loses no vitality or wound points as a result). If he loses 1 or more vitality or wound points to explosive damage, he also suffers 1/4 as much stress damage (rounded down). A standard character suffers all of this stress damage each time he makes a Damage save against explosive damage.
  • When an object or piece of scenery overlaps 2 or more squares flooded with explosive damage, it makes only 1 Damage save, against the highest amount of damage inflicted in any single square it occupies.
  • Explosive damage may never be converted to subdual damage.
  • Action dice may not be spent to boost explosive damage.

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