An enraged character may not make Tumble checks or skill checks with the Concentration or Language tags, nor may he take the Fight Defensively, Regroup, Refresh, or Withdraw actions. When attacking, an enraged character may only attack the nearest opponent and must do so at least once per round. If he is unable to attack an opponent, he must take a Run action toward the nearest opponent. When attacking, an enraged character must employ the most damaging lethal attack available to him, and may not employ any character option that penalizes his attack check or converts lethal damage to subdual damage. An enraged character completely ignores all dyingA special character with –1 to –9 wound points is unconscious and dying. At the end of each round, he must roll d%. If the result is equal to or less than his Constitution score, he stabilizes, returning to 0 wounds (but remaining unconscious); otherwise he loses 1 wound point. The character may be saved with a successful Medicine/Stabilize check, or by any piece of gear that specifically “stabilizes” someone., helplessA helpless character is vulnerable. Further, attacks targeting him within Melee Range gain a +4 bonus. Finally, he may be targeted with a Coup de Grace action., sleepingA sleeping character may take only passive actions and is also considered blinded and helpless. A character loses this condition immediately upon being touched, suffering any damage, or making a successful Notice/Awareness check., and unconsciousAn unconscious character is helpless and may take no actions. A character loses this condition after 2d4 full hours of sleep. opponents.

While enraged, a character gains a +8 bonus with any save made to resist becoming enraged, but if he is enraged a second time, he instead becomes frenziedThis condition operates identically to enraged, except that the character cannot distinguish friend from foe — he attacks the nearest character rather than nearest opponent. Further, the DC to calm a frenzied character with a Tactics (Cha) check increases to 30..

A character remains enraged until no opponent enters his line of sight for 5 consecutive rounds, at which point he becomes unconsciousAn unconscious character is helpless and may take no actions. A character loses this condition after 2d4 full hours of sleep.. Alternately, an enraged character loses the condition at the end of the current scene, or if another character makes a successful 1-round Tactics (Cha) check (DC 20) to calm him down. This check may
be re-tried and possesses the Disposition, Hearing, and Language tags.

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