A character loses 1 or more career levels each time he is drained. For each level lost, all benefits of the most recently acquired level — including all level-dependent benefits, the chosen class level, and other character options — are forfeit. When a character is drained of multiple levels, the most recent level is forfeit in turn (e.g. when a 4th-level character is drained of 2 levels, he loses his 4th level, then his 3rd level).

At the end of each mission when a character remains drained of 1 or more levels, he may make a Resolve (Wis) check (DC 15 +5 per drained level). With success, he regains all benefits of the most recently drained level.

A character may not be drained below Level 1.

Each time a standard character is drained, he loses 1 quality (of the GC’s choice), and each of his Roman numeral grades drops by 1 (minimum I).

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