The Game Control may apply a catchall “discretionary modifier” to an attack check to reflect the situation at hand. This modifier may range from –4 (for the most abject conditions) to +4 (for the most favorable).

Example: The sun is in Kevin’s eyes as he attacks a guard, so the GC applies a –2 discretionary penalty.

No more than 1 discretionary modifier may apply to any single attack check. When multiple circumstances apply to a single check, the GC should factor them all into a single discretionary modifier that doesn’t fall outside the –4 to +4 range.

Example: Kevin attacks a guard when the sun is in his eyes (–2) while an air siren is going off very close to him (–1), so the GC applies a –3 discretionary penalty.

The GC is encouraged to factor innovative and entertaining combat into his discretionary modifiers, though he should err on the side of caution when doing so. A good rule of thumb is that no discretionary bonus earned through innovation and entertaining combat antics should exceed +2.

Special Note: Discretionary modifiers replace circumstance modifiers in Spycraft 2.0. Circumstance modifiers don’t exist in this edition, nor do discretionary modifiers stack with one another, as circumstance modifiers did in Spycraft 1.0.

For more information, see Modifier Types.

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