Attack, Proficiency


1 Half Action

Error Range




The character may attempt to disarm 1 opponent in his line of sight. The opponent must be within the character’s Reach (if the character is unarmed or using a melee weapon), or within CQB Range (otherwise). The character and his chosen opponent make an opposed Standard Attack check. Each character holding his weapon with both hands gains a +4 bonus with this opposed attack check. Further, if one character’s weapon is 1 Size category bigger than his opponent’s weapon, he gains a +4 bonus with the check per Size category of difference (an unarmed character’s “weapon” is considered to be 2 Size categories smaller than him; an unarmed character cannot be disarmed). This Size-based bonus does not apply when the character uses a ranged weapon to attempt a Disarm action.

If the acting character wins this opposed check, the chosen opponent is disarmed and his weapon lands in an adjacent square (per the Deviation Diagram, with occupied squares re-rolled). If the character wins with a threat, or the opponent suffers an error, the character may choose the adjacent square in which the weapon lands, or may cause it to fly 1d4+1 squares in a random direction (per the Deviation Diagram). If the character wins with a critical success, or the opponent suffers a critical failure, the character or any teammate or ally with a free hand who is adjacent to the opponent may take the target weapon.

Conversely, if the chosen opponent wins this opposed check, the acting character becomes flat-footedA flat-footed character is vulnerable. He stops being flat-footed when he takes an action, or is successfully attacked.. If the opponent wins with a threat, or the character suffers an error, the opponent may, as a free action, target the character with 1 Disarm action. If the opponent wins with a critical success, or the character suffers a critical failure, the opponent gains 1 final attack against the character.

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