5.11 Deviation by Range
When a character misses with an attack or weapon that is subject to deviation, the shot deviates a random number of 5-ft. squares from the target. The die rolled to determine this distance is based on the number of range increments between the character and his target, as shown on Table 5.11: Deviation by Range. The direction
Deviation 346
of deviation is determined by rolling 1d8, as shown on the Deviation Diagram.

If this deviation causes the shot to hit something else, damage is applied as standard. If the obstacle’s Damage save is +10 or higher, and the save is successful, the shot ricochets as shown on the Deviation Diagram. In this case, the remaining deviation distance decreases to 1/2 (rounded down).

These rules are applied to any number of effects as well, as noted in their entries.

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