Standard NPCs are intended to be “easy kill” mooks and other supportng characters, and suffer damage differently than special NPCs. Each standard NPC and animal possesses a Damage save bonus. Each time a standard NPC or animal suffers 1 or more points of damage, the NPC makes a Damage save against a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the damage suffered (rounded down). A Damage save has no error or threat range.

Example: A minion has a Damage save bonus of +10. When the minion suffers 8 points of lethal damage, he must make a Damage save against a DC of 14, which means he must roll a 4 or higher to succeed.

A few conditional rules apply, as follows.

  • If the damage inflicted has a blast increment, the NPC fails 1 additional Damage save per 10 full points by which the save is failed (e.g. if the save DC is 34 and the save result is 16, the NPC fails 2 saves).
  • With a critical hit, the NPC automatically fails 1 Damage save per action die spent to activate the critical hit — in addition to the saves the NPC typically fails (e.g. if an NPC suffers a critical hit from a rocket launcher, fails his save by 22, and the attacker spends 2 action dice to activate the hit, the NPC fails a total of 5 saves).

When an NPC’s Damage save is successful, he may suffer nicks and scratches but the attack has no mechanical effect. The damage lingers, however, and is cumulative with each subsequent injury until the NPC fails a Damage save or until the end of the current scene, whichever comes first.

Example: Following the previous example, a minion suffers an additional 9 points of lethal damage. He must make another Damage save with a DC of 18 (10 + (17 divided by 2, rounded down)).

When an NPC’s Damage save fails, he suffers one of the following effects, as appropriate.

  • If the NPC’s most recent injury inflicted subdual or stress damage, he falls unconsciousAn unconscious character is helpless and may take no actions. A character loses this condition after 2d4 full hours of sleep., waking up at a point determined by the GC.
  • If the NPC’s most recent injury inflicted lethal damage, he dies.

NPCs and animals with the tough quality must fail 2 or more Damage saves before these effects occur.

Example: A standard animal with a Damage save bonus of +4 suffers 15 points of lethal damage. It must make a Damage save against a DC of 18, which means it must roll a 14 or higher to stay alive. If the animal had the tough (1) quality, it could fail 1 save and remain alive, but it would die with the second failed save.

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