The character must dedicate absolute attention to this check. The following effects apply for the entire time required to make the check.

  • The character may not take 10 nor take 20.
  • The character is flat-footed. If the character somehow loses this condition, the skill check is interrupted.
  • If the character loses 5 or more vitality, or 1 or more wounds, the skill check is interrupted.
  • If the check requires more than 8 hours, the character must spend a minimum of 8 hours on the task each day until it is completed (see sleep deprivation). All rules for this skill tag apply during this period.

If interrupted, the character may attempt to pick up where he left off by making a Resolve/Concentration check. With success, the character may continue his check without losing any progress (outside the round during which he
was interrupted, which is not counted toward the check’s time requirement). With failure, the character must begin the check again from the start.

You cannot attempt more than 1 skill check with the Concentration tag at any time, even by multi-tasking.