• Each person and each object involved in a collision suffers damage according to the Size and relative Speed of the colliding object and/or character, as shown on Table 5.6: Collision Damage. Characters may suffer subdual or lethal damage, while objects ignore subdual damage.
  • When a moving object or character collides with an “immovable” object as defined by the GC (e.g. a large tree, brick wall, concrete-reinforced mailbox, etc.), the moving object suffers collision damage as if the Size of the immovable object were equal to that of the moving object.
  • The damage applied to each person or object involved in a collision has the armor-piercingThis quality applies to weapon damage, reducing damage reduction. (X) quality, where “X” is equal to the collision’s relative MPH divided by 10 (rounded down). This quality may be further modified by each object or person’s Size, as shown on Table 5.6.
  • Each character who loses 1 or more vitality or wounds to collision damage also suffers 1/4 as much stress damage (rounded down). A standard character suffers this stress damage each time he makes a Damage save against collision damage.
  • Action dice may not be spent to boost collision damage.

5.6 Collision Damage
Example: While standing still, Kevin is hit by a Large car going 40 MPH. He suffers 4d6 lethal damage with the armor-piercingThis quality applies to weapon damage, reducing damage reduction. (4) and takedownThe kinetic energy delivered by this weapon has near-cinematic “knockdown power.” Each time a character suffers damage from an attack with this weapon, he must make a Fortitude save (DC equal to the damage he sustained before DR was applied). With failure, he becomes sprawled. If the character loses 1 or more wound points due to this attack, the save DC increases by 10. qualities. The damage rolled is 20 points, so Kevin also suffers 5 points of stress damage.

The car, on the other hand, suffers only 4 lethal damage with the armor-piercing (4) quality.

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