1 Full Action

Error Range



3 Per Volley


Full Auto

A character whose firearm has 6 or more shots remaining may focus a stream of automatic fire at 1 target. The character chooses a number of volleys up to 1/3 the remaining shots in his weapon (rounded down, maximum 10 volleys). Each volley is 3 shots. Then the character makes 1 attack check with which he suffers a –1 penalty per volley fired (in addition to all standard modifiers).

With a hit, the target is struck by 1 shot + 1 additional shot for every 4 by which the character’s attack result exceeds the target’s Defense (to a maximum equal to the number of volleys fired).

With a critical hit, the damage from the first hit only is applied directly to the target’s wounds (if the second and each subsequent shot hit, damage is applied for each as a standard hit).

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