1 Half Action

Error Range


The character may attempt to second-guess the action of 1 opponent. With a successful Sense Motive (Wis) check (DC 10 + the target’s base attack bonus), the character gains a dodge bonus to his Defense against attacks made by the chosen opponent equal to the anticipating character’s Wisdom modifier (minimum +1). This check possesses the Vision tag. This effect lasts for 1 full round.

With a critical success, the chosen opponent’s threat range with each attack made against the character is reduced by the anticipating character’s Wisdom modifier (minimum 20). This effect lasts for 1 full round.

With a critical failure, the character is thrown off-balance, becoming flat-footedA flat-footed character is vulnerable. He stops being flat-footed when he takes an action, or is successfully attacked..

Special Note: A character may only benefit from 1 Anticipate action targeting each opponent at any time. If a character takes a second Anticipate action to boost his Defense against an opponent when a previous boost is still active, the new action’s outcome replaces that of the previous one — even if it’s worse.

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