This section covers the actions each character may take during combat. Some may also be taken outside combat, as noted in their descriptions and elsewhere in the rules, and as prescribed by the GC.

Actions are divided into four categories. Three correspond to the fundamental divisions of combat — attack, initiative, and movement — while the other — trick — comprises special maneuvers and techniques a character
may apply to actions in other categories.

When an action is taken with a weapon that consumes ammunition, the number of required shots is listed after the category.

Following ammunition is a list of the modes in which a firearm may be used when taking the action. There are 3 fire modes — Single-Shot, Burst, and Full Auto.

Action TagsEdit

Incidental (IDL): This action may happen in conjunction with movement. Once per round when the character is also taking a movement action, he may take 1 action with this tag as a free action.

Proficiency (PRF): If the character does not possess the appropriate proficiency, the time required to take this action is doubled and may not be reduced by any means (even a feat ability). Also, the error ranges of all attack and skill checks made as part of the action are increased by 2.

Action DescriptionsEdit

Each action's description includes the amount of time the action requires, as well as any modifier applying to the error range of each attack and skill check made as part of the action (when no checks are made, this number is +0 and affects nothing).

Special Note: A character may not take 10 or take 20 with any attack or skill check made as part of a combat action.

In all action descriptions, the character taking the action is always described as “the character”; the target of his action is always described as “the opponent,” or “the target,” or “the teammate.”

Unless otherwise specified, a character must be aware of someone to target him with any action.

Action ListEdit

For a full list of actions, see Category:Actions.

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